USATF Certified FRESH!

Putting on a race has the same highs and lows of a long training cycle. Some days you feel like everything is clicking, all the work you're putting in is paying off, and you are stacking bails of hay in the barn. Other days... you feel like a race day bonk is the only possible outcome. 

For the past month, I've been so consumed with work and life that I haven't found time to do much of anything for this race. A few boosted Facebook posts and yard signs in the park, but that's it. The registration count is only at 29, but everyone assures me this is normal with two months to go. Despite the reassurances, I still feel guilty for taking my foot off the gas pedal. My work week has stretched to six days / 65+ hours, and features an hour commute each way, leaving me little time for going after sponsors or doing any guerrilla marketing in Ann Arbor. Having ideas but no time / energy to execute them can be a frustrating thing. 

Gallup Course Map.jpg

But today feels like a turning point. Hal Wolfe, the Gallup Gallop's former caretaker, emailed me with a fresh USATF certification, which has lifted my spirits. Despite hitting the cover off the ball as a race director, Hal stepped down this year because of the time commitment that was required. He didn't have to dedicate hours of his time to meticulously measure the course on a hot summer day, construct a new map, and file the necessary paperwork to the USATF, but he did anyway. And the mensch wouldn't even accept the standard wage for his labors. This anecdote tells you what kind of guy Hal is, and how much he loves this sport. If nothing else, getting to know people like Hal, Laurel Park, Brian Herrald, Nick Stanko, Ian Hancke and Doug Goodhue have made this adventure worth it. 

Hal Wolfe, Gallup Gallop 2017

Hal Wolfe, Gallup Gallop 2017

There are a ton of things I need to do from a logistics standpoint to make this race a success, but getting people signed up has to be my top priority. In the coming months, I'll find out exactly how good of a salesman I really am, and what works / doesn't work to promote a local 5K. 

I won't spoil anything on this blog post, but if everything goes as planned, you'll see plenty of updates documenting my efforts. Stay tuned. 

Brent McDermott