You Know It's Race Directing Season When...

Ever wake up from a dream with a great idea that you are afraid will evaporate? Me, too.

How about when you are out for a run? Ditto, but on steroids.

As a rule, the more serene / picturesque the route, the more likely I am to have an epiphany on the run. (see this post about how the logo was born) Most of the revelations are mundane, but add them all up, and you get a race like last year’s, which was pretty unique.

So when June rolls around, I make a point to spoil myself with more “destination runs” where I justify a 45 minute drive to run 4 gorgeous miles by telling myself it’s for the race. And occasionally, it works.

View of today’s miles / brainstorm @Ashley Reservoir in Holyoke, MA

View of today’s miles / brainstorm @Ashley Reservoir in Holyoke, MA

Most ideas that happen on the run or during a test drive at work end up in my phone to reference later. My iCloud is chalked with ad copy for email blasts, IG / FB posts, and ideas that are too half baked to ever come to fruition.


But… if I’m afraid of losing an idea that requires more than a few bullet points, I sacrifice all vanity and make a video or voice memo. You would think it’s the “big ideas” that I would frantically record, but it’s usually the little ones that I’m afraid will escape my memory. The little ones are more forgettable, whereas the big ones, like moving the race to a Friday night or introducing a relay, those stick with you.

As you can see from the video, there’s nothing particularly groundbreaking here, but.. add up all the minute long video memos I’ve made for myself, and it provides a pretty good infrastructure for a 5K.

Other surefire signs that I’m in the thick of race directing season…

  • The registration count link is the #1 visited website on my mobile (we are at 74 runners- +49 from this time last year)

  • Showers have a 50% chance of lasting 15+ minutes because I start thinking about race logistics and lose track of time


More signs…

  • My inbox always has a fresh message from a vendor, sponsor, Gallup teammate, or runner

  • I come out of Instagram / Facebook retirement to start posting daily content

  • My laptop starts coming with me to work so that my saved graphics and editing apps are handy in case I need to generate race content

  • My own running goals take a backseat to the health of Gallup Gallop. To get myself back in racing shape for the fall, I’ve enlisted the services of a coach for the first time in my adult life. More on that later I’m sure.

Thanks for reading. And if you haven’t yet, sign up for this damn race already, would you?

Brent McDermott