Gallup Crew



“Directing a race has always been on my bucket list, and when I found out that Gallup Gallop needed a new custodian, I jumped at the chance to do it. After moving to A2 on a lark in 2014, Ann Arbor’s incredible running community instantly made me feel welcome.

My running family continued to grow as I got to know runners from AATC, PR Run Club, Ann Arbor Running Company, parkrun, and Ann Arbor Tri Club. Hosting Gallup Gallop every year gives me a chance to get them all together for one night to celebrate how lucky we are to do what we do.”



“I moved to Ann Arbor in February last year and threw myself into the running community as a way to meet people in the area. After downtown coffee shop meeting with Brent I became lightly involved with the Gallup Gallop race in 2018, and I am super excited to be more heavily involved this year. 

As an event director at Lillie parkrun, Ann Arbor, I have become accustomed to hosting timed runs (definitely not races) every Saturday morning, and hope that I can apply some of my parkrun hosting skills to this years race. Many parkrunners found their love of running again thanks to this unique evening event so this is something we wholeheartedly support! ”



"I joined the Ann Arbor Track Club in 2016 when I first moved from West Michigan. Once I became a board member in 2017, I discovered how fun and passionate everyone was in the club. I joined because I wanted to improve my very novice race times, and at the same time meet awesome, unique people, and boy did I ever!

When it comes to awesome I met Co-Race Director Stephanie Evans, and when it comes to unique I met big time weirdo and Co-Race Director Brent McDermott! (Just kidding about the weirdo part, Brent is my dude.) Gallup Gallop was an incredible experience last year and it was the first time my family and I had run it, and after that I knew I wanted to be involved in some way. So I figured, what’s the best way I can contribute to this impressive race? I know, it’s easy! I should donate 1 million dollars! However, turns out I don’t have 1 million dollars, so I offered to do the social media instead!