Thank God for To-Do Lists

Thank God for To-Do lists.

Meeting with co-director Steph Evans on Friday was a reminder of two things.

1) How far this race has come in one year.

With seven weeks to go, we are light years ahead of 2018’s race in terms of entries, volunteers, sponsorship dollars, logistical detail, and name recognition.

2) How much we have to get done in the next six weeks.

That’s the scary part. Especially considering that Steph is saying bon voyage to Ann Arbor in early August, and moving back across the pond to England.


Banging on the keyboard, my palms get sweaty just thinking about what needs to get done before Independence Day…

  • Draft and send over proof for new lawn signs to Econoprint (10 signs went missing @DXA2)

  • Design and print new postcards to pass out @Firecracker 5K on Thursday

  • Buy 500 pack of freeze-pops to hand out to hot runners @Firecracker 5K

  • Put together marketing campaign for Pure Detroit crossover campaign with Rock CF director & founder, Emily Schaller

  • Create volunteer job description / task list and guilt friends / family into high responsibility roles

  • Target potential sponsors to boost budget for race amenities

  • Meet with my “straw guy” to figure out exactly how many bales we need

  • Map out where to stage key elements of race: packet pickup, sponsors village, pizza serving station, relay exchange points, parking, etc.

Why does all this need to happen in the next 72 hours? Once again, there are two reasons.

1) God willing and the creek don’t rise… I’ll actually have a day job again after moving, and won’t have time for this stuff.

2) Paraphrasing Race Director G.O.A.T. Dave McGillivray, a well organized race must have all the “i’s dotted, and t’s crossed” about three weeks before race day. That gives Team Gallup about 6 weeks to get everything figured out. Plus, there are a few surprises we have that need to ironed out before going public,that also require “barrels” of planning.


Before I get to work tackling my To-Do list, here are a few race updates:

  • 105 registered runners (this time last year: 23)

  • 11 registered relay teams (this time last year: 9)

  • $375 in direct donations to Food Gatherers from Gallup runners

  • 10 lawn signs visible to runners on the B2B path

  • 30 more volunteers needed to put on the race

  • 595 spots available

Brent McDermott